September 19, 2023


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“Ideas are bulletproof.” The more we explore and interact with people, the more vivid will be our ideas regarding the different topics. Ours is a community that serves as open forums for discussions on various topics. The community blog welcomes all kinds of guest posts related to topics like gadgets, technology, lifestyle, products, and many more. The guest posting feature of our community allows everyone with an opportunity to share their ideas with people all across the globe. Here @My Tech Sense, people are post blogs connected to the latest trends in the categories mentioned above.

However, there are some guidelines that guests need to abide by to post their blog in the community blog. Read on to find out more about the “Write for Us Finance” feature of this community blog.

Some Guidelines That Guests Need To Abide By For Posting In Our Community Blog

When you try to post your blogs in our community blog, there are some rules and regulations that you should adhere to. Read on to find out more about them:

The Article you post should be related to the categories mentioned in our blog:

While choosing a topic, make sure that the blog you are willing to post is related to any of the topics mentioned on our website. This will increase the chances that we will publish your blog on our website at the earliest. Therefore, the write-up should be on a topic connected to the mentioned categories.

The Article should have an approximate of 1500 words:

The length of the article you submit plays an important role in deciding whether your blog should be published on our website. Readers usually tend to lose interest in lengthy articles. Therefore, you should keep your article short and crisp. The word limit should not exceed 1500 words. It should be jam-packed with all kinds of catchy information so that the readers do not lose interest in the course of reading the article.

Research well:

The best article keeps the readers craving for more. Make sure that your readers do not find your article monotonous. It will help if you research properly on the topic on which you wish to write the article. To make your article more interesting, add twists, and turns with random doses of facts. This will compel the reader to read till the end!

They should be related to the categories:

Before you send your article for publishing, make sure they are low-key related to the categories that are mentioned by us.

  • Write For Us Technology

Write For Us Tech

  • Write For Us Gadgets 

Write For Us gadgets

  • write for us products

Write For Us products

  • write for us lifestyle

Write For Us lifestyle

If the article that you send to us is not remotely related to these categories, there is a very faint possibility that your article will be posted on our blog website.

You can also attach external links related to the niche mentioned above:

If you have an external link of your write up which is relevant to the mentioned topics, you can attach a backlink to the bog you have written. We will check the relevance of the link before we post it on our website.

The articles should impart a positive vibe: Be as optimistic as possible in your write-ups. The articles should have a positive vibe. They should not sound negative or leave any ill impact on the minds of the reader. This is strictly against the community guidelines of our community blog.

Language should be lucid and easy for readers to understand:

While writing the article, you must use lucid language. The message that you are trying to convey to the readers should be clear in your writing. The structure of the article should be proper. It should have a relevant title, and many subtitles under which the different aspects of the topic will be jotted down. Write the important terms in bold so that it immediately arrests the attention of the readers. To make the important points more eye-catching, write them in the form of bullets.

Use graphics and other forms of visual media to make the article entertaining:

People tend to remember things like pictures, quotes, or sayings more than writings. Readers may also tend to overlook your article. This is where the importance of visual media comes to play. Inserting pictures, videos, etc. relevant to your article can help to arrest the readers’ attention. If they find a picture attractive, they may be compelled to give the article a read, trying to know what it is about. You can also use multiple pictures before or after each subtitle. The proper use of pictures and videos enhances the quality of your article and helps it to gain more views.

Make Sure You Do Not Do These 

If you do the following, your chances of posting blogs on our community website will go down considerably.

We don’t encourage selling stuff:

We do not want our guests to post promotional write-ups in our community blog. We do not want to post articles on our website related to any product or service we are not aware of. If the buyer is not satisfied with the service or product, they might blame our website, and we do not wish to take any responsibility for it. However, we have a dedicated section of sponsored articles where we allow writers to post advertisements. In case you are looking forward to a sponsored post opportunity, you can contact us with the subject title “Sponsored and Advertisement.”

Do not include affiliate links:

Posting affiliate links on guest posts puts on a negative impact on our website. Since the motto of guest posting is to build backlinks and branding, trying to sell a product using affiliate links hampers our blog reputation. However, if you are interested in a sponsored article, feel free to contact us. We will post your article on our sponsored section.

Articles should not be Plagiarised:

We do not entertain blogs that are copied from other sources. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism. Google heavily penalizes plagiarized content. After writing an article, make sure to check plagiarism using software available on the internet. However, our team will cross check the article. If any sort of plagiarism is detected, we will refuse to post that article on our website.

You can send us your blogs now that you are aware of the terms and conditions put forth by us. Our team will review them carefully and notify you when your blog is live!

How to Submit the Article

you can submit us the articles in Microsoft Word Document. In case you wish to write for us, you can send us the ideas and pitch before you submit the article.

Feel free to contact at

– Subject: Guest Posting or Advertising

– Topic ideas

– The website you wish to link

We will surely get back to you if you follow our guidelines.

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