Most startups have to hire only a few hands due to the limited resources at the early stage. Hiring IT and software development staff is expensive because they attract high wages.

However, there will come the point when you need to scale up. Your company wouldn’t be a startup forever, and the changing times will call for an enhancement in your workforce to meet these changes.

But how do you know when to scale?

If you’re facing any of the following, you need to scale your software development team immediately.

Why You Need To Scale Your Software Engineering Team Fast

1. Your in-house team is stretching beyond capacity

Are your developers struggling to meet deadlines? Does it seem you could be doing more if there were more hands? Then it’s time to scale your in-house software team.

If your developers are falling behind frequently, it’s a sign that it’s time to get extra hands. But not just any people — a team with the right set of skills and experience like you need.

While hiring more in-house staff may not suit your budget, integrating a Front End Development Company with your staff can be more cost-effective. Such a team can augment yours with front-end engineers so you can develop more software in shorter time frames.

2. You desire to avoid recruitment headache

The recruitment process can be quite stressful and costly. You need time to put the job description out there, sift through applications, schedule and carry out interviews, and then onboard your team.

If you need more developers urgently, then you need to scale your team fast. That involves collaborating with a staffing agency or external dedicated development team rather than recruiting employees yourself. The third party can also help you handle the onboarding process.

3. You need someone with a particular skill

You may have avoided hiring a backend engineer or someone skilled in Ionic or progressive web app development because of cost. But now, this is precisely the skill you need for your ongoing project. Naturally, you would need to quickly contract someone with that specialization to ensure the project moves forward according to plan.

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4. You simply want to scale

Perhaps, you’ve realized it’s time to take your tech company to the next level. This often involves reaching a larger customer base, building enhanced software products, and getting more programs and upgrades into the market yearly. Or you possibly have seen some opportunity in some other location and desire to site your business there.

To scale to that level, your business needs to enhance its existing system, which typically involves broadening your team.

5. It’s time to enhance your MVP

You may have hastily released your minimum viable product to the market at the early stage of your company. Now, you’ve gotten feedback and have realized what needs to be done to increase sales. However, you also understand some dedicated developers would be needed to work on this MVP while your existing team handles your current project.

In such a scenario, it’s crucial to quickly scale your software development team to ensure your finished product gets to the market on time while developing new software.

Wrapping It All Up

As you can see, there are many instances where scaling your team fast becomes the best thing for your business. Since hiring in-house employees is often time-consuming and more costly, it may be in your best interest to consider working with external vendors as you grow.

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