The Complete Guide That Makes Avoiding Losing AirPods Simple

Apple released its AirPods in September 2016, showcasing the next generation of wireless headphones. Like most Apple products, people flooded to stores to grab a pair of AirPods.

They were a success, and there were no issues with the functionality of the product. However, one major problem that did arise from AirPod consumers was how easily they lost them.

If you’ve had AirPods for some time, chances are you’ve lost one or both earbuds already. But we have some good news. We’ll be giving you eight tricks to keep you from losing AirPods.

The Complete Guide That Makes Avoiding Losing AirPods Simple


1. Place AirPods in the Case After Each Use

We know it seems like a common-sense solution, but you should try your best to put your AirPods back in their case after each use. Everyone gets busy, so it’s easy to misplace Airpods when you’re not concerned about them.

However, by placing them in the case after you’re done with them, you avoid the frustrating searches. A simple trick to ensure you put them in the charging case is buying a bright case cover.

The human eye is naturally attracted to specific colors, which can also contribute to our mood. Think about which colors your eyes naturally shift to and buy a case resembling that shade.

2. Attach Your Case to a Keychain

You can also buy a silicone sleeve cover for your AirPods case that can attach to your keychain. Once the cover is on your case, connecting it to your keychain increases security.

If you want to keep your AirPods within your line of sight, you can attach your keychain to a belt, a loop, or bag that’s on your person.

3. Use Earhooks

Losing AirPods is challenging for any music enthusiast, especially if it’s lost due to falling out of your ear. However, there are Airpod accessories such as Earhoox that can assist.

They are silicone covers that attach to your AirPods, providing stability for any movement. Although you’ll need to take the hooks off your AirPods to put them back in the case, they significantly reduce the chances of losing your AirPods.

4. Make Your Airpods Wired

Who wants to make their AirPods wired? That defeats their purpose of wireless communication. But if you’re prone to losing your AirPods now and then, it may be a solution to think about.

Some people have opted to buy straps that go around your neck and attach to your earbuds. However, if you don’t want to buy the strap, invest in a pair of wired headphones that you can use for less critical tasks.

5. Add a GPS tracker

If you’ve lost your AirPods multiple times, then you know that the search can be never-ending. But using a GPS tracker can eliminate the time and hassle of searching for your missing AirPods.

Using a product such as a Tile will allow you to locate your AirPods through an in-app GPS tracker on your phone. Although it doesn’t eliminate you misplacing the earbuds, it can help you find the case if that’s where you last had them.

6. Keep Your AirPods in One Location

Another easy trick to keep you from misplacing your AirPods is consistently storing them in the same place. Do you have a desk, drawer, or dish to store your AirPods in that’s easy to remember?

Creating this repetitive practice will make it easier for you to locate your AirPods when you need them. For example, if you know they’re in your bedroom nightstand, you can grab them from that location as you’re getting ready to leave the house.

7. Change Your Earbud Angle

How many times have your AirPods fallen out of your ear without much movement?. We’ll say too many to count.

But there’s a solution to ensure they stay put if you don’t have hooks or a strap. You can change the angle of the AirPod placement in your ear. Here’s how you do so:

  1. Place the earbuds in your ear
  2. Twist them forward at a 30-degree angle

Instead of the stems facing down, they’re at an angle, making it more difficult for the AirPods to fall out of your ear. However, everyone’s ears are different, so this solution may be more effective for some individuals than others.

8. Use Find My iPhone

The beauty of Apple products is a feature called “Find My iPhone.” It enables you to locate your Apple device through a GPS location.

Although the feature’s name says “iPhone’ you can use it to find any apple product, including your AirPods. Log onto your iCloud account or open the app on your phone.

You’ll see a list of available devices and click on your AirPods to reveal a map of their current location. If you’re AirPods aren’t currently online, the app will show you the last place they were connected.

However, if your AirPods are connected and nearby, there’s also another feature that can assist. In the “Find My iPhone” app, you’ll see “Play Sound.”

This feature enables you to play a sound for two minutes that will gradually get louder to help you locate your missing AirPods. But what happens if your Airpods were stolen?

You can still use the app to track their whereabouts. Is one AirPod not working? That’s still no problem. As long as you have one functioning earbud, you’ll be able to locate your AirPods.

Avoid Losing AirPods With These Suggestions

Losing AirPods can be immensely frustrating, especially after you’ve only bought a new pair. But by following our tips above, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your AirPods again.

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