SBI Net Banking Login & Online Registration

SBI which is the largest public sector bank in India is in possession of more than 15,000  branches and has a a wide portfolio of services and products. It’s has 5 associate banks and those are state bank of Bikaner and Jaipur , state bank of Travancore , state bank of Hyderabad , and  state bank of Patiala. The reliable infrastructure of SBI makes the banking services of all the 15,000 safe.

SBI also offers the luxurious facility of net banking which allows people to access their account and carry out basic banking activities without having to personally come to a branch of state bank of India.

With net banking people can facilitate themselves for accessing the services for checking their accounts , fund transfer and much more. Therefore ,  everyone must know how to do “net banking”

Before SBI customer can register SBI net banking , the following conditions are necessary :

  1. Joint account holders must go to the bank so as to avail this facility and they cannot register online.
  2. The individuals’ personal cell phone number with their own account.
  3. The individual should also be in possession of a valid ATM card.
  4. The individual must have applied for net banking facility at the bank branch.

SBI net banking

Steps to register SBI net banking

  1. People need to visit the official internet banking website of SBI (
  2. The individual must click on a new user registration /Activation a popup will come on the screen to make sure that the individual has not received an internet banking kit , now the individual must click ‘okay’
  3. Then, a new screen will open in which the individual must select ‘new user Registration ‘from the down –down menu and click on ‘next’
  4. And when the above steps is completed , a new page will pop on the screen then the corresponding details such as account no. , Branch code , CIF No. , registered mobile No. , Captcha code and facility required must be filled
  5. Some above mentioned details such as the Branch code , CIF no. etc can be found on the first page of the pass book.
  6. In case the individual unable to find his/her branch code ,the ‘Get Branch code’ option can be used.
  7. For this the individual must enter the state and location to get to know the branch code.
  8. With the completion of all the details ,the individual must click the ‘submit’.
  9. After this , an OTP is made to send to the bank account by using the OTP , click on ‘confirm’
  10. Then, the individual must choose ‘I have my TM card (online registration without branch visit)’ option and click on ‘submit’.
  11. Then , corresponding details of ATM card detail and captcha code must be filled and then click ‘submit’.
  12. On completing above steps , temporary user name will appear on the screen . it is necessary to create a new password and must be entered for two times and then click ‘submit’.
  13. The password that the individual creates must be having 8 character ,one no. and at least one upper and lower case alphabets.
  14. Then the individual is required to log in to net banking services after one hour , Now the individual must create username . with the creation of username ,the individual must accept the terms and conditions and then click ‘submit’
  15. Then the individual has to create profile password and a login password provided that both password can’t be same . once the profile password has set , the individual must select a secret question from given options. It will be helpful in case individual forgets his/her password .
  16. And at last individual must fill his/her place of birth , registered mobile no. and country of birth.
  17. With the completion of all the steps , just click ‘submit’ and then you will be able to use the SBI net banking.

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Steps to login to SBI net banking

Given below are the steps to login

  1. The individual must visit the official website (
  2. On the next page , individual must click on ‘continue to login’
  3. On the next page . the individual must enter the corresponding details such as username and password and click ‘login’ to view the bank details.

How to check Balance with net banking

SBI customers are facilitate to check the balance only they have successfully registered for online and the customers may visit the official website of SBI ( and then by logging in to it , they can check if they are eligible for loans , transfer fund etc.

Transfer Money with online SBI

To transfer money online with  SBI net networking , user must add person to whom they want to transfer monry as a beneficiary

Once it is done successfully , the user can transfer fund conveniently at any time

And for this the relevant details are IFC code , account no.  and  the name of the user . SBI account holders can transfer funds their bank to another SBI account as well to a different bank.

Followings are the steps to transfer money

  1. Individual must login to his/her online SBI portal
  2. And then choose ‘ other Bank transfer ‘ Tab
  3. In case of another SBI account option can be selected .
  4. Then , the purpose and the amount of the transfer must be filled .
  5. Then ., the individual will need to select the beneficiary account to which the money has been transferred
  6. Then, the individual will need to set the time when the transfer should take place from the given options.
  7. With the completion of all above details the individual must click on ‘submit’.
  8. On the next page ‘ individual have to verify details and click ‘confirm’.
  9. Now, individual will need to fill high security password which is sent to the registered mobile no. . then , individual must click ‘confirm’.
  10. With the completion of all the above steps , a confirmation message will pop up on the screen.

Online SBI transaction limits are as follows

  1. Transfer self account
  2. Per day limit- Rs2,00,00,000/-
  3. With easy pin- Rs 100,000/-
  4. No charges
  5. Third party transfer
  6. Per day limit – Rs 10,00,000/-
  7. With easy pin – Rs 100,000/-
  8. No charges

3.Inter bank transfer – NEFT

  1. Per day limit – Rs 10,00,000/-
  2. With easy pin- Rs 10,00,000/-
  3. Charges are from Rs 2 to Rs 5 plus taxes

4.Inter Bank Transfer- RTGS

  1. Per day limit – Rs 10,00,000/-
  2. with easy pin- Rs 100,000/-
  3. charges are between Rs 5 TO Rs10 plus taxes


  1. PER DAY LIMIT – Rs 2,00,000/-
  2. With easy pin – Rs 100,000/-
  3. Charges are from Rs 2 to Rs 10 plus taxes

Credit Card payment with SBI NET Banking

To get access to this facility , the individual must register for the services , they will be able to link credit card to the online SBI  but they need to use their ATM pin for this. They will be able to access the details of their credit card like unbilled transaction , transaction history and statement .

Followings are the steps to make credit card payment online

  1. The individual must login to the official website of online SBI (
  2. Then they will need to click ‘Bill payment’ and the click ‘MANAGER Biller’
  3. On the next page , the individual must select the add option and choose the biller as ‘SBIcards and payment services pvt. Ltd’.
  4. On the other page , the registration will be completed by filling name and credit card details and then click ‘submit’
  5. They will receive an OTP on their regisered mobile no. by the filling OTP , the registration will complete.
  6. Then, they will choose ‘view/pay Bills’ and click ‘without Bills’
  7. Then the biller must be chose as ‘SBI cards’ then click ‘pay’
  8. Then , individual must select the SBI account account no. from where the funds has been transferred.
  9. Then, the amount of money that is to be paid will need to be enter and then click on ‘pay now’ . after the completion of the above steps , individual will need to click on ‘submit’

How to Reset SBI Net Banking pin/ forgot pin

Following are the steps to reset the SBI Banking Pin

  1. First, individual must visit (
  2. Next, individual login to ‘personal Banking’
  3. A new page will open ,where the individual will need to select ‘forgot my login password ‘ from the drop menu and then click on ’next’
  4. Then click on ‘submit’ , if all details are filled.
  5. An OTP will be generated in your registered mobile no.
  6. By entering OTP , click on ‘submit’.
  7. Then , the individual will be able reset the password.

The sbi net banking ensures the transaction over a secure medium . SBI online offers a highest level of security available for internet transaction by using SSL encrypted medium.

EV SSL certificate is proves that SBI’s server protect you from all malicious attacks and un authorized websites and encrypts each and every session.

Per SBI account holder is issued with unique user ID and password which is generated in a way that the details are only known to them . it protected from un authorized entry or viewing .

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