How to recover data from dead phone: you struggling with your phones that have stopped working? If you are worried about how to recover data from dead phone, then check out the details below in this article to have complete knowledge about it.

There are many times when phones do not respond properly after getting broken or dead. These problems arise due to various conditions, and users face a lot of trouble while recovering the data. While there are ways to recover a broken phone, make sure you also have cell phone insurance to cover the costs if it cannot be repaired. Users cannot perform any work, such as making calls and transferring essential data from the phones to the PC or other devices.

Recover Data from Dead Phone

How can I access my broken phone from my computer everyone, uses the phone and save a lot of data that they can access anytime and anywhere. However, it is uncertain to know when it can go wrong someday, and you will fail to access those data saved on your devices. The probable reasons for your phone not to respond and become dead are:

  1. When you install incompatible apps on your devices, it might suffer from unfavorable changes that lead to not-responding situations.
  2. Another reason can be flashing ROM that makes your phone inaccessible, so it is important to use reliable flashing software in order to protect your phone from having these issues.
  3. Malware and virus can also be a major cause for your phone not to respond. When you download files from untrusted sites leads the virus to enter your phone, making it dead.
  4. Sometimes users root their phone lacking necessary knowledge about it, but these things are risky, which eventually makes your phone dead. The rooted phone, when cleaned by using the factory reset process, creates higher chances to make your phone inaccessible.
  5. Phones coming in contact with water and fire can also lead to a dead phone.

Things you need to do when your device fails

There are some precautions; you need to take care of when your mobile phone becomes dead or not responding. By doing so, you have a higher chance of recovering the data successfully. First, do not try to boot device data recovery software, as it can cause permanent data loss when the software overwrites the existing data. The failure scenarios and its precautions:

  1. Turn off the phone immediately when you accidentally delete files or at the time of data corruption to avoid further damages.
  2. When you drop your device and damage its components, please do not attempt to power it on the phone. Also, keep the damage components that can help you with further fixing process.
  3. If your phone gets dropped in the water, then quickly remove the battery and power source. Do not try to power on the phone as it can lead to a power surge.
  4. Broken android data extraction

After performing these initial precautions, carry out the broken Samsung data recovery task successfully in order to retrieve:

  1. Contacts
  2. Call History
  3. Messages
  4. Gallery
  5. Audio
  6. Videos
  7. Documents

Does How to Recover Data from Dead Phone Possible?

It is possible to recover data from your dead phone and to carry out the recover task; you need to stop using the mobile device immediately as overwritten saved data does not allow retrieving the missing files. In order to recover data from the dead phone, keep this in mind, and you need to use efficient data recovery software. By using this software, you can easily restore essential files from the dead phone.

Methods to use for recovering data from dead Android phone

The important methods that you can apply to recover the data from your dead phone successfully.

1. Recover data with the help of Google backup:

The most important thing is backup, which helps to restore data when your mobile phones get dead or are out of order. When you create a backup from the start, you need not have to worry about restoring data when your phone becomes dead. Google Drive is a popular backup feature that everyone uses to save essential data.

How to retrieve data using Google Drive: You have to go to the Google Drive app or open it on a web browser and then sign-in by entering your account details. Move to My Drive option and tap on the files to restore then use the Download option. This process will help you restore the missing files to your desired devices obtained from the dead phone.

If you want to restore the data into a new phone, you can do it by signing into your Google account and checking on the list of devices used earlier. You can choose from those devices to restore data and make sure to check the apps will restore or not; after that, by using the Restore option, you can back all the files to your new phone.

2. Recover data by using Chip-off data recovery:

In this process, the phone’s memory chip is removed from its logic board to read the data directly. It is the best method that is reliable for recovering data from a dead phone. With the help of Chip-off data recovery, you can recover data from phones that are damaged beyond repair. This method successfully recovers data when carried out in a proper manner, with the memory chip being intact.


  1. Detect the memory chip
  2. Preheat the printed circuit board
  3. Take out the memory chip with hot air
  4. Clean the memory chip
  5. Read the memory chip with the help of Socket reader
  6. Extract the data through SQLiteBrowser or WinHex

3. Recover data by using Dead cell phone data recovery: 

Dead cell phone data recovery is a professional tool that works effectively for recovering data from dead phones. This tool helps you examine the data before the recovery process and provide options for recovering selected data. It extracts important data from the internal memory and restores data easily.

Methods to use for recovering data from dead iPhone

1. Recover data from iPhone directly: 

You can install dr.fone and launch on your PC after using the Data Recovery tab to connect your iOS device with the PC. In the menu panel, go to Recover from iOS Device tab and tap on it; then select all the options from the list you want to recover and tap on Start Scan.

The next screen will show data for examining, and then you can tap on Recover to Computer or Restore to Device option to recover the data successfully.

2. Restore data directly through iCloud and iTunes backup:

The backup performed previously on iTunes backup from your iOS device can easily restore the data. You need to open iTunes and connect the iOS device with the PC containing the backup files. Most people question is how to get pictures off a broken phone that won’t turn on Upon completion of this step, enter File Menu-Devices-Restore from Back up, and it’s done. You must use the latest version of iTunes to carry out the process.

The backup to iCloud carries out using your Apple account from time-to-time. You need to enter Settings- General- Reset first and tap on ‘Erase all contents and settings.’ Upon completion of this process, select the set-up device and tap on the Restore from iCloud Backup option. In this way, you can easily recover the data from iCloud.

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