How to make headphones more comfortable: having comfortable headphones is very important. No matter how good the sound quality if the headphones are uncomfortable. Think about it, what is the point of good quality audio if every time you wear your headphones you want to open it and throw it away.

How to make headphones more comfortable

Every headphone feels different when you wear them. They look different, sound different, and of course, should feel different as well. So the question as to how to make headphones more comfortable has no singular answer.

There are many reasons why a headphone can feel uncomfortable and different headphones will have different reasons. To understand how to make on-ear headphones more comfortable, you need to figure out why your headphone feels uncomfortable. Let us look at some common headphone comfort problems and solutions:

  • Ears Are Getting Too Hot:

Most manufacturers supply their headphones with plasticky fake leather earpads that look expensive but very uncomfortable. Not to worry, there is a solution to that. You can always buy replacement pads online.

Sometimes the headphone’s original brand makes replacement pads that are different from those they supplied the headphones with. Other than that, there is always a 3rd party compatible pad available. All you have to do is Google, your model, and you will find your pads. Also, do not forget to read reviews before buying.

  • Hurts Your Skull: 

How to make headphones not hurt your ears: Some headphones are supplied with very thin to no cushion on the band part of the headphones. As a result, your head, basically your skull hurts due to the pressure. It can be prevented by adding a cushion to the band.

Now there are many websites where you will find readymade band cushions available of different thicknesses and hence different prices. If you are unwilling to spend the required amount to buy cushions, you can always do it yourself. If you have cushions at your place, you need just to tape it on the band in a way so that it does not look unattractive.

  • Headphones Are Very Tight And Clamp Hard:

You want your headphones to sit perfectly on your head so that when you bob your head to music and dance, the headphones will not fall off. On the other hand, you do not want the headphones to sit so tightly that you get a headache. Fortunately, the solution to it is pretty simple.

Get some books and stretch the headphones and keep it as if the books are your head. Keep it there for some time, and the next time you wear it, it will not be that tight. Although make sure you start from less thickness and work your way towards thicker books because you do not want your headphones to be so loose that they fall off.

How to Wear Headphones with Glasses

Just like in the world of cooking oil and water, do not mix in the same way, glasses and headphones do not mix. People who wear glasses will face comfort issues while wearing their headphones. Now oil and water can be made to mix using various techniques like emulsifying. In that today we will show you how you can wear headphones with glasses.

Before we jump into the solution, let us discuss why you face discomfort while wearing glasses. Now there are mainly two types of discomforts which arise due to glasses and headphones being worn together:

  1. The headphones and the glasses put pressure on the temporal bone, which is a significant cause of headaches.
  2. If you wear glasses and headphones together for a prolonged period, auricular chondritis or Sore ear cartilage can easily occur.

All human ears are unique to each other, and hence no one size fits all. Now, the question is comes that why the combination of headphones and glasses are do not work? Well, let us see why:

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  • Clamping Force:

How to wear headphones properly have a strong clamping force to keep the headphones fixed on your head. Otherwise, if you move your head too much, it will fall off. Due to the strong clamping force, your glasses feel the pressure, which puts pressure on your skull. This leads to headaches and sometimes even vision problems.

  • On-Ear And Over-Ear Headphones:

There are mainly two types of headphones over-ear and on-ear headphones. Now the clamping force for both the earphones is different. Over-ear headphones cover the whole area of your ear and are usually very big. As a result, to balance the entire weight, manufacturers make the clamps very tight, which can hurt your skull.

On-ear headphones are light and small in size. As a result, they are not heavy and do not put much pressure on your skull. How to wear headphones comfortably, on-ear headphones are actually useful.

  • Glasses Design:

How your glasses are also designed matters because if your glasses are big and protrude out, any form of pressure is it light or heavy from the headphones, will hurt your skull.

Now the million-dollar question is what the solution to the glasses and headphones combination is. Well, let us see:

  • Getting Thinner Frames:

If you want to reduce the pressure which glasses put on your skull, one of the most straightforward solutions is to wear thinner and lighter frames. AS a result, if the clamps exert pressure on the glasses, the frame is thin, that it will hardly hurt your skull. As a result, you will feel no pain due to the tight clamps.

  • Reduce Clamp Force:

If you do not want to change your glasses because you love how they look and thinner frames are just not your style, then the next best thing is to remove the problem you needed to wear thinner frames. The clamps are made tight so that your headphones do not fall off your head when you dance to the beats that are playing in your headphones.

In case they are loose, they will fall off when you move your head, ruining your experience and damaging your headphones in that process. Now, if those headphones are wired, they might even damage your phone. So to prevent that, you need to loosen your headphones just enough so that it will not hurt you and, at the same time, won’t fall off.

Now how do you make them loose? By using books, of course. Stack some books side by side and stretch your headphones and attach them to it. Keep it like that for some time, and soon they will loosen up.

  • Ear Paddings:

The thicker your ear paddings are more comfortable; Making headphones more comfortable you will feel when you use your headphones. Since the cushions are thicker, they act as a buffer and hence reduce the pressure the clamps are putting on your skull.

What it does is that the cushion spreads the pressure all over the headphone, and as a result, the pressure to your skull is reduced. Remember more the padding, lesser the pressure.

Now, if looking for comfort, you go ahead and buy a headphone with lousy quality audio that is another pain altogether. You can buy a headphone with good quality audio and tweak the exterior of the headphone so that it becomes comfortable.

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