With the development of digital media and the internet penetrating all corners of the globe, people become socially more active with their views on various social media platforms. News, views, videos spread at lightning speed and sometimes live to the masses throughout the world.

How To Get Out Of Facebook Jail

Facebook is one of such platforms having the most significant active members and viewers. The ease of sharing personal and social news is easy on the platform due to the platform’s straightforward interface.

However, with the introduction of various cyber laws in different countries and to create a fair environment, the administrators of Facebook keep a strict vigil on the platform.

Many posts on Facebook are either socially offensive or hurts religious sentiments of some sects. A post that creates political ruckus in any country or creates mass hysteria on an unlawful matter gets deleted by the administrators.

Although the owner’s issue guidelines, it becomes challenging to restrict Facebook members from posting such offensive issues. Breaking the rules or ignoring the usage guidelines can put an account holder on FB jail for some time or permanently.

It depends on the level of unlawful activities breaking the usage guidelines of Facebook. The account may be suspended or permanently deleted if the rules’ violations are grievous and repeated time and again by the same account holder. Thus, Facebook administrators’ only option is to freeze the account and put the user in FB jail.

The FB jail term can be permanent, or the account holder can be out of Facebook Jail after some time. This discretion entirely depends on the administrators of this social media platform complying with the country of origin’s cyberlaw rules of such a post.

Before putting an account holder in the FB jail, the administrators warn the user of such posts. If one is inside the FB jail, there is no such standard process f coming out of it.

FB jail is not like the physical prison, and purely virtual, it becomes difficult for a jailed user to come out of Facebook Jail. Many people try to come out of Facebook jail but are unable to do so. Let us discuss all FB jail and how to get out of Facebook jail.

How to know that you are jailed

If you are unable to post anything on your page, timeline, or any of the groups you are a member of, it is a signal that you are in Facebook Jail.

If you are unable to comment on any post or to like pictures and posts of others, you are in jail. Again, if you are not able to sign in to your account despite repeated attempts, consider yourself in Facebook jail and introspect on how to get out of Facebook jail. Once you are out of Facebook Jail, you can continue with all your activities as of before

Facebook jails and the types

AS already hinted, FB jail is not similar to physical jails or involves any legal battle. There is no bodily injury while put in prison by Facebook administrators, but the account is affected, and the social status of the jailed user gets tarnished.

It is challenging to stay away from the most popular social media as on date, and an uncanny social stigma gets attached to the user if put in jail. However, there are different levels of imprisonment and restriction levels while in jail and let us discuss them in brief so that one does not land in the FB jail or find a way of how to get out of Facebook jail.

1. Jailed temporarily – If any violation of terms and conditions is observed in the post by the administrators of Facebook, they can block the user account for some period.  

The account holder or the user is put temporarily in FB jail for a certain period as decided by the administrators. The account is blocked, and the user has no access to the account unless the Facebook Jail term is over. Once this suspension period is over, the account is again fully activated.

The user comes out of Facebook jail and can carry on as of before without posting anything that violates the guidelines of usage. However, if any account is sent to Facebook jail at regular intervals, then the account holder can be permanently jailed and barred from using Facebook.

2. Permanently jailed – The user account is permanently blocked in this situation. The process is irreversible, and the user will never have access to the Facebook account or use any of the other services of the platform.

It may happen if too much spam friendship request attracts the account time and again. It can also occur if inappropriate content is spread through multiple accounts or groups. If the account is blocked permanently, there is no scope ever to come out of Facebook jail as any user is never allowed to contact the Facebook team to detect spam.

The need for Facebook jail

The social platform owners of Facebook try to keep the platform clean and safe. However, many irresponsible users violate the norms of using Facebook despite deleting the posts by the administrators or warning them.

The platform is for making friends, share beautiful moments, thoughts and stay happy. If some dirty-minded people use it to instigate violence, use it for propaganda for some ill cause, this need to be controlled.

Therefore Facebook has come up with some set of rules. Again, the cyber laws of different countries are different. Facebook has to follow the State guidelines.

Some posts may not be obscene in many countries, but the same post can violate other States’ rules. Unless the platform is regularly monitored, the platform will not stay clean. However, it is not always possible for the platform owners to check every post.

Users are requested to report offensive posts to them or complain to them so that the administrators can take appropriate action to put the user in Facebook jail. It is, therefore, best for the users to stay clean with their Facebook posts. However, if someone enters Facebook Jail, there are some options to get out of it in some instances.

Options of how to get out of Facebook jail

If a user is unable to post anything on Facebook or unable to access the platform or the account, it is presumed that the account is permanently frozen.

There is no scope to come out of Facebook jail, and the only alternative is to open a new account. It is not possible to reverse the permanent Facebook jail term, and a lifetime is imposed on the account.

Creating a Facebook account using a different email id existing in the blocked list of Facebook and using a different phone number is the only solution. Using the same credentials can land a jailed person to be jailed again while opening a new account.

Experiencing temporary blockage or Facebook jail

In the case of a temporary Facebook jail, one need not worry about how to get out of Facebook jail. The account holder is able to access the Facebook account with some limitations.

Some services or activities of your Facebook account may be blocked. Having patience is the best option. See if you are able to come out of Facebook jail after a few days/ weeks, or months. Following certain tips during this waiting period can help you to come out of Facebook Jail.

  • Keeping low on Facebook – During the limited accessibility of the Facebook account, it is best to be a bit less active on the platform. It is unknown if the account is under surveillance or not. It is best to go slow with Facebook activity. Visit the forum less frequently, comment, or post judiciously. It is one of the best and proven methods of coming out of Facebook jail. Many other tips and tricks work and can assure you of how to get out of Facebook jail, but acting over smart can land you in Facebook jail permanently.
  • Have patience- As already discussed, briefly waiting and having patience is one of the best options for coming out of Facebook Jail.  Do you have any better choice of how to get out of Facebook jail? Well, the simple answer is no. As the Facebook jail option is programmed and automatic, no human interference can lift the temporary punishment. As the stipulated period is over, one can definitely come out of Facebook Jail, provided the activities during the limited access period were good. The temporary blockage can last for a few days to several months. So have patience and post or comment judiciously. One fine morning you will find that your account is behaving normally. Therefore do not think of how to get out of Facebook jail and bite your nails. 
  • Take care of your mistakes – Repeating the mistakes for which your account is sent to Facebook Jail can invite more troubles. The administrators consider repeated mistakes as serious and deliberate crime, and it becomes challenging to come out of Facebook Jail. If the account is temporarily suspended and commits the same mistakes during that period, the account gets frozen forever. There is no process of how to get out of Facebook Jail. It is best to stay on the safer side as the spam detection system may block the account, and you will not be able to come out of Facebook jail.
  • Do not pay heed to any third party advice– People turn to Google for many solutions. If one searches on Google on “how to get out of Facebook Jail”, one can get many links that claim to help you come out of Facebook Jail. However, be sure these claims are bogus, and the links or the URL’s try to earn money from you. Facebook can detect any illegal activity using thirds party links, and your account may be in more trouble. Therefore, play safe, post clean during the temporary Facebook Jail period, and everything will turn fine one morning sooner or later. Acting smart and trying various tricks advised by third party links of how to get out of Facebook Jail do not work on the Facebook platform.
  • Avoid using Auto Bots – Many times, an account holder uses auto bots to post something in multiple groups. However, as per Facebook guidelines, the auto bots are nothing but spam activities. The system may block you to use Facebook, and you may land in Facebook Jail. Continuous use of auto bots suspends your account by the platform’s spam auto-spam detectors, and it is hard to come out of Facebook jail. One should not think of how to get out of Facebook Jail but post diligently for not going into the Facebook Jail. Delete the auto bots immediately and forget the blues of how to get out of Facebook Jail.
  • Writing to the authorities – If nothing of the above is helping you to get out of Facebook Jail and you are wondering how to get out of Facebook Jail, it is best to appeal in writing to the authorities. Sometimes writing to Facebook helps though the authorities take no immediate action or one gets a reply. One has to wait patiently and see if, after some days, the account has again been activated or not. The discretion of getting you out of Facebook Jail entirely depends on the authority and the nature of violations made by you.

Tips to stay safe 

It is not easy to apply tricks to get out of Facebook jail. No such tricks work, including third-party assistance. It is, therefore, best to follow some of the tips and forget landing in the jail or how to get out of Facebook Jail in the account is temporarily suspended.

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Publish original content – If you want to stay out of Facebook Jail, it is best to publish original content than to forward or copy contents and post done by others. You never know when you will land in Facebook Jail posting copied contents. If permanently jailed, no tricks or tips work on how to get out of Facebook Jail.

  • Avoid unnecessary tagging –If you want to stay out of Facebook Jail, accept or send friend requests to people you know. Again if you are a group administrator, do not add people who are not interested in the group’s activity. Take prior permission of other account holders before adding them to any particular group. Do not stuff unnecessary contents in the group or tag others with posts not relevant to them. The spam detection system considers it a serious offence and may block your account, and you will have no options to consider on how to get out of Facebook Jail. 
  • Increase the time interval – One of the options of staying out of Facebook Jail is to post several contents with reasonable time intervals. Do not try to make any post-viral or stuff the same post in multiple groups at the same time. The platform monitors all your activities in real-time and takes decisive actions, including jail. Think of not getting inside Facebook jail rather than posting objectionable articles and ponder how to get out of Facebook jail. 
  • Read the terms and conditions of Facebook – It is best to read the terms and conditions and follow the guidelines laid there to stay out of Facebook Jail without posting inappropriate contents violating the norms. Do not use your personal Facebook account for commercial or business promotions. It grossly violates the rules of the platform and can block your account permanently. No suggestions from friends, relatives or Google search results will be able to suggest any perfect solution of how to get out of Facebook Jail.
  • Report spam – It is not always possible to take care of all posts tagged to you. Spammers are continually active on Facebook to demean your social prestige. All have rivals. They will always try to play with your reputation. So report contents from rivals or spammers and keep your account safe. Reporting allows the account to stay out of Facebook Jail. It is straightforward to report spam articles on your page, and one can proceed with few clicks of the mouse. Do not add anyone to groups without their consent. Doing so may represent you as a spammer, and the automatic spam detection system incorporated in the platform may take your account to Facebook Jail.  No matter how hard you try to come out of Facebook Jail, it is not possible if the account is declared spam.
  • Use a real profile picture – Increase your account credibility by using a true profile picture. If your profile picture is fake, and if anyone reports that to the authorities of the platform, they will freeze your account and put you in Facebook jail. No tips or tricks on how to get out of Facebook jail will work.
  • Practice using URL shortener – If you are thinking to make a campaign through links, it is best to use any of the best third-party URL shorteners. As the platform has an automatic spam detection system, anyone can guess if any link will be considered spam or not. The third-party URL shortener allows staying safe and being out of Facebook jail. 
  • Do not impersonate or create fake accounts – Do not impersonate anybody or create fake accounts. If anybody complains against you and if Facebook detects that the account is a fake, the authorities will block that account, and you will be in Facebook jail. The account holder will never be able to get out of Facebook jail as the jail term is a lifetime.

To Sum It Up

It is best to act as per the rules laid by Facebook authorities and stay out of Facebook Jail. If the account is blocked permanently, no suggestions on how to get out of Facebook jail shall work.

Stay clean in your posts, void posts related to racism, ultra-religious or vulgar. Also, avoid posting obscene or nude posts and images as they are against the rules of Facebook.

Avoid landing inside Facebook Jail rather than doing mischievous activities on the platform, going to jail, and thinking of how to get out of Facebook jail. Sometimes posting something inadvertently can send you to the temporary Facebook Jail.

Do not worry about being out of Facebook jail, as your account will automatically come out of prison after a few weeks or months. Do not pull your hairs thinking of how to get out of Facebook jail but have patience.

Facebook is one of the best and popular social media platforms. It is not only people’s interaction with each other to share happy moments but also a platform to be educated on various subjects, including science and technology.

Therefore, using and participating in the forum can bring immense joy and make one more knowledgeable. It is best to use Facebook judiciously and stay out of Facebook Jail without posting objectionable posts and enjoy the benefits.

Although miscreants are everywhere, including Facebook, and they try to influence others with spam posts, it should be wise to report them to the platform’s administrators instead of landing inside Facebook Jail.

Forget the tensions of how to get out of Facebook Jail, as you will never land inside it if you follow the guidelines and adhere to the rules and regulations.

However, if you or any of your acquaintances land inside Facebook Jail, then do not worry. The above tips can help all to stay and come out of Facebook jail.

Do not be sad about thinking of how to get out of Facebook Jail because as a responsible account holder, you will never repeat the same mistakes repeatedly.

It is time to enjoy the nice things on Facebook and stay connected with your acquaintances, friends, family members and relatives. Be wisely active on Facebook without any fear of going to Facebook Jail.

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