Best way to clean screens: Do you often notice a layer of dirt on your laptop screen? Almost everybody who works needs to use a laptop these days. Using your computer can often make your screen extremely dirty. While dust and finger-prints are visible on your laptop screen, bacteria and viruses aren’t.

What is the solution? As we face a pandemic, it is essential to keep everything you own clean, including your laptop screen. Laptop screens can be delicate and need a little extra care to shine and function properly. But do not worry! Here is a proper guide on how to clean your laptop screen without damaging it:

Guide On Best way to clean screens

  • In case of dust

If you only have dust on your screen; then, it can be cleaned quite easily. Anyone who has ever owned spectacles is familiar with the term ‘micro-fiber cloth.’ It is often used to clean camera lenses as well. All you need to do is to procure on how to clean laptop screen.

This type of cloth is perfect as it helps you to avoid scratches as well as lint on your screen. Remember to switch your laptop off before you start cleaning it. It is not only safer, but it also allows you to see the dust correctly. It will ensure that your laptop screen is efficiently clean.

You can even use a duster, an extremely light coating, to clean the dust off your laptop. Make sure that you do not use paper towels or tissues to clean your laptop screen. Even though they appear to be soft, cleaning your laptop screen with it can leave scratches on the screen.

  • In The Case Of Sticky Substances

In case there is oil deposition on your laptop, you might need more than a duster. Several third party cleaners are especially available for the best way to clean laptop screen. However, it would be best if you were careful when you are purchasing them. Always buy a product that does not include Ethyl acid, acetone, Toluene, ammonia, or any other corrosive elements.

It can permanently damage your screen. You can choose to create your cleaning solution with distilled water and a drop of detergent soap. The first step is to close the laptop and unplug it from the power source; then, you have to spray the cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth and make sure that it is not wet but damp. The next step is to rub the laptop screen in circular motion gently.

Take your time as you do not want to cause permanent damage to your screen. Do not put a lot of pressure on the screen. It is advisable to place a covering on your keyboard in case of the liquid drips down. Do not close the lid of the laptop until it dries.

  • In The Case Of Grime

If you want to make your laptop screen squeaky clean but you are reluctant to use soap, you can use 100% distilled water instead. You have to purchase a brand new sponge and soak it in distilled water. Make sure that you have switched off the laptop and removed it from its power source.

The next step is to rub the screen with the sponge as gently as possible. It would help if you were careful as the water should not reach the keyboard. Place a covering on top of it to prevent accidents. It is mandatory to use distilled water as tap water contains minerals. Minerals can be harsh on the laptop screen and damage it. Keep the lid of the laptop open and let it dry.

  • In Case You Want To Disinfect

With the global pandemic, it is good to clean and sanitize all the objects we use daily. It would help if you sanitized your laptop screen as well. Only water is not enough to clean the germs as it can only be used to clean off the dust. To clean the harmful viruses and bacteria, you have to use 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. Do not worry as it is readily available online. Make sure that you wear gloves when you are cleaning your laptop.

It should be treated as a bio-hazard as we cannot see viruses with our naked eyes. Switch off the laptop screen and unplug it from the power source. Place a covering on the keyboard. You have to spray the solution on the microfiber cloth and make it damp.

Circularly rub the laptop screen and do not rush the process. Make sure that you have enough time in hand to sanitize your laptop. Otherwise, you might miss a spot. Let it dry before you close the lid of your laptop. Do not use a hairdryer to dry the laptop screen. Air drying is the best option.

Things That You Need To Avoid While Cleaning Your Laptops

Here is a list of the absolute don’t when it comes to cleaning laptops. Make sure that you avoid these common mistakes to make sure that your laptop is running correctly:

  • Do Not Directly Wet The Screen

Never spray liquid or water directly onto the screen as it can cause irreversible damage. Spraying the liquid or water directly on the screen increases the chances of it getting inside the laptop.

  • Do Not Drench The Cloth

A mistake that is committed by a lot of people is that they drench the cloth in the liquid. This is an absolute no-no as it can cause the excess liquid to drip and enter the machine. In case you have put a lot of liquid or water on the cloth, wring out the cloth to drain the excess liquid.

  • Stop Using Any Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution that you use to clean your windows should not be used on your laptop screen. Not all cleaning solutions can be used on the screen as it contains corrosive materials. Avoid using dish-soap, all-purpose cleaners to clean your laptop screen. In case you are unable to make one, there are special cleaners available in the market for LCD screens?

  • Never Be Rough

This is very important as applying too much pressure can permanently damage your screen. Try to be as gentle as possible. Only clean your laptop in a circular motion reduces the chances of inflicting scratches on the screen.

  • Avoid Tap Water

It might seem like an affordable option, but it can cost you a lot in the long run. Tap water has a lot of minerals. These minerals can destroy your laptop screen and cause severe damage to it. Only use a dry cloth or proper cleaning solution to clean your laptop screen.


Now that you are aware of what should be done and avoided while cleaning your laptop screen, what are you waiting for? A dirty laptop is the breeding ground of germs. The more you keep it dirty, the more dangerous it can be for you. It can even cause permanent damage to your laptop. Could you not take it for granted? Keep your laptop screen clean. Try to clean your computer every week to make sure that it works for a long time!

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