How To Enable Extensions In Incognito: In a world where the Internet is a necessity, we need other instruments to access the available Internet. One of the main ways we can do so is by using a stable web browser that allows us to browse the Internet comfortably and in an organized manner. It is the web browser that is the only medium that enables people to use the Internet through it.

With the advancement of technology, you will find browsers that have been built to be compatible with not just desktop computers but also handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The modern-day web browsers are not only windows that help you browse the Internet, but they also help you manage multiple tools under the same software.

In case you need the help of more devices on the Internet, you can add them to your web browser as extensions so that every time you use the web browser, they are automatically in use.

However, over time, people have realized that privacy is a must, and one requires searches on the World Wide Web, which leaves little to no evidence for their excellent. In this case, the incognito mode was introduced wherein one could use a tab on the web browser to browse what they wish without the entry being registered on the Search History of the software. The question, however, lies; can we use the extensions on the web browser during the incognito mode?

In this article, we will understand how the extensions are enabled in the incognito mode such that one can make use of them no matter the privacy they wish to have for their searches or the sort of search they conduct on the Internet.

What Are The Extensions?

For the sake of understanding, let us assume that the web browser we have taken as an example is Google Chrome. Google Chrome has multiple features. One of the best features of Google Chrome is the option to add extensions if and when needed. Now, what are extensions?

A browser extension is a tiny code or a module of software that helps you customize the experience of a web browser, thereby enhancing it. Your web browser will allow extensions in incognito, including advertisement blocking, cookie manager, modifications for the user interface of the browser, and additional handy tools such as grammar checking tools, fonts, etc.

However, browser extensions are not to be confused with the browser plug-ins. Browser plug-ins are separate entities with the main difference lies in the code. The browser plug-ins are executable software modules while the browser extensions are source codes. If you check your Google Chrome browser, you will realize that it has another world of browser extensions, but the plug-in is only limited to one option, and that is the Adobe Flash Player.

What Is The Incognito Mode?

How do I enable incognito mode has various versions of itself on different web browsers. However, only on the Google Chrome software is it known as the Incognito Mode. The Incognito Mode is a mode for browsing in which you can get rid of any local data that has been stored during the web browsing on the Internet in that very mode.

Every website that you visit on the Internet stores cookies on your system. In the Incognito Mode, the cookies that any website will try to upload to your computer system will not be saved or blocked by the browser.

Most of the people question is how to go incognito on chrome or how to open incognito window: Another advantage of this private searching mode is that the search history is not recorded on your computer’s local history. All the other tracking items that are in sync with your web browser are disabled, along with the third-party apps that work hand in hand with the web browser that you are using.

This also includes the extensions that your web browser is using while you are on it. The extensions are disabled to protect the local data that your computer is using during your session on the Incognito mode.

Can I Use Extensions In The Incognito Mode?

The entire point of using the Incognito mode on the Google Chrome browser is to avoid tracking issues on the profile. The incognito tab allows you to log out of the account temporarily, thereby preventing the saved items from your search in the mode.

However, if you use the incognito mode, the very first thing that is bound to happen is that you will stand to lose all your extension settings during your session. Nevertheless, there is a way to enable them while you are browsing incognito. We will learn how to manually allow extensions in incognito so that you may browse the Internet hassle-free.

The reason behind Google Chrome disabling all browser extensions is one. It tries to ensure that no third party applications are tracking your data. Thus, it keeps your interests in mind and blocks out all extensions so that only the Internet Service Provider and the server can track your recent searches on Incognito mode.

No other party on the Internet or the websites you visit in that particular search session. While you are browsing, extensions make the entire work much more comfortable. Thus, enabling the extensions manually, while browsing in the web browser’s incognito mode and may seem necessary for most people.

How to allow extensions in incognito?

While using the Incognito Mode, it is necessary to enable the extensions separately as the web browser disables all third-party apps, extensions, and add-ons used during the web browsing session. You can choose to allow specific extensions, enable them manually and run them on the web browser from the Settings in a separate manner. To do this task, carry out the given steps.

  1. Open the web browser that you are using. We assume that you are using Google Chrome. Thus, click on the icon to open the web browser.
  2. how do I find my chrome extensions?
  3. Click on the call to action button denoted by three dots placed vertically on top of each other. This is the Menu button that leads you to the number of actions in it.
  4. Select More Tools under the Extensions tab, or you could also enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar to access the Extensions menu.
  5. Hit the enter button.
  6. The Extension page loads.
  7. The Extension settings that you wish to alter can be clicked on and changed. Click on Details.
  8. Click the toggle to turn it on in the ‘Allow in Incognito’ option or turn it off to turn off the settings.
  9. how do I see my chrome extensions
  10. Exit.

This will enable the extension of your choice to run when you use the Incognito Mode. You can change it when you do not require it following the same set of instructions, as mentioned above.


Using this article, you can enable the extensions while you browse the Internet in the Incognito Mode. You know your way around the web browser; choose to set your privacy settings according to your wish!

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