Smartphone problems & Solutions: Technology has undoubtedly made our lives easier. Can you imagine living one day without using any form of technology? The answer will be ‘no.’ Smartphones are one of the many commonly used devices in day to day life.

We use our smartphones on an average of 15 hours a day. From noting events to using GPS navigation to track our destination, we use it in every possible way.

But, no matter how useful this technology is, it still has some flaws. While we frequently use our smartphones, we are some problems with phones in it quite often.

We have all faced lagging in the phone’s low battery life at many points, which can be quite annoying. But, you do not need to worry anymore here are some major smartphone problems and their solutions:

Smartphone Problems and Solutions

1. Lagging Of The Phone

The most commonly faced issues in smartphones are slowing down the phone or lagging. One of the primary reasons for your smartphone slowing down can be the low available space in the Random Access Memory or RAM.

This can happen when you have over-loaded the RAM of your phone with a lot of media files, documents, and apps.


As the most common cause of the phone slowing down is over-loading of the RAM. So, cleaning up the smartphone data is the first thing that you can do. The best way of doing it is by backing up the media files on your computer or any other hard disc.

You can go to the storage option in the settings of your smartphone, find out which apps are taking up space, delete those if you don’t use them. Or you can also create a complete backup of your media, documents, apps, and factory reset your phone.

2. Battery Life Problem

Having a miserable battery life is something we all face when our phone gets a bit old. The problem with cell phone comes when you have not used your phone much, but the battery still drains fast.

The quick draining of your phone’s battery can be affected by a lot of things.


The first thing that you can do is lower the brightness of your phone. Turn off anything that runs unnecessarily in the background. These can be – Bluetooth, mobile data, wifi, or GPS.

You can observe for a while whether the battery is draining or not after turning these off.

If it does not work, you can go to Settings, then the battery, and then check out which app is consuming the battery more. You can force stop the app, or you can uninstall it. You can only use this idea if you aren’t using those apps.

3. Any Issue With Connectivity

Another thing that we commonly face with our phone is a connectivity issue. A lot of times, our Bluetooth or wifi acts a bit tricky and refuses to get connected with other devices. This problem is commonly faced with Android phones.


The fast and most straightforward solution to this problem is to switch on the airplane mode and then switch it off again. Later try to connect other devices with your smartphone through wifi or Bluetooth.

This can work even when your mobile network is showing some issues.

4. A Damaged Charging Port

A damaged charging port can be a result of a lot of things if it comes in contact with any liquid. There can be an accumulation of dirt in the charging port as well. Lastly, there can be any wire or any part of the charging port that got damaged.


Let’s start with the possibility of spilling any liquid on your phone, which later reached the charging port. You can try keeping your phone in a bag of rice, uncooked and dry rice.

Many suggest that this is a beneficial idea that can soak any liquid from your phone.

Secondly, if there is an accumulation of dirt in your charging port, try to clean it gently with a soft brush. You can use the brushes used to paint.

If all of the above solutions do not work, you can take your phone to a repair shop and let the expert check what is wrong with the port.

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5. Freezing Of The Phone

Many people have a misconception that is slowing down of your is the same as freezing of the phone. Well, the freezing of the phone is an entirely different issue.

Freezing of your phone means your phone screen is freezing or blacking out for several seconds or even minutes. This is also an issue of filling up the internal storage.


When once you face such an issue, you can delete the apps that you are not using. Check whether any app is running on the background, try to uninstall if you do not use it or try to force stop it.

You can also start by deleting the cached data of your phone. Go to Settings – Apps – Clear Cache, click on Clear Cache, and all your caches will be deleted.

You can also create a back up of media and documents in a Micro SD card or hard disc and then delete it from your phone.

6. Queued Up Messages

This problem occurs mainly because of network issues or connectivity issues. You will see that your texts or any media that you are sending on any messaging apps.


It is easy to understand why this happens; it occurs when either there are issues with your mobile data network or wifi or if your messaging app is down for any error.

You can start with switch on the airplane mode and then switching it off again or switching off the wifi and then turning it back on.

Or you can switch off your phone, then switch it on again or restart it. If this isn’t solving the problem, there must be a severe issue in your network or connectivity. You can call your network or service provider or check whether the messaging app is down or not.

7. Overheating Of The Phone

This problem is widespread in today’s smartphones. To avoid facing a problem like this, you can avoid buying a phone which has a metal body. These phones tend to absorb heat very fast. You can meet such issues for other issues as well.


The first thing you can do to avoid overheating your phone is not to use it while it is charging. Some of us really like playing games, but these games can also be a reason for your phone overheating, so try not to use them.

Some great apps are also the reason for overheating. Even if you are using these apps or playing these games, try to give a rest to your phone, every 40 to 50 minutes.

To Sum It Up

These were some of the most commonly faced problems in smartphones. If we take care and play safely with our smartphones, we will easily avoid these problems.

But, if you face these common problems with mobile phones, you can try these natural solutions to recover from it. Even if you do not benefit from these solutions, you will not face any side-effects of these.

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